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Because you're probably curious.

What does a life coach do?

A coach uses a specific set of skills to help clients achieve whatever goal they want to achieve. 

If that sounds simple, it's because it is

Another way to think about it: I am a thought partner that has been trained to to listen, at a very deep level, to your emotions and thoughts, reflect them back to you, and guide you in putting the pieces together.

Yet another way to think about it: your coach at the gym designs your program based on your needs (in our case, based on your values). Coaching with me is like that, except with life goals. Expect to do the heavy lifting.

How does a session work?

In our first few sessions, we will "design" our relationship by establishing norms around the way we communicate. Usually, this "design" evolves over time as the coaching relationship deepens. We will also establish your core values during these initial sessions (most people haven't ever really had the chance to dive deep into this kind of self-inquiry).

After that, it depends on your goals.  Sessions start with you telling me some dilemma or topic in your life. It's okay not to have a topic when we meet; we can find it together. I then use an appropriate coaching strategy. These strategies accomplish different goals, but they are all designed to break your thought patterns. Then, you will come up with the next actionable step to move forward on your goal, and I hold you accountable using a structure that we will create together.

Is it like therapy?

Coaching is not the same as therapy. A coach's goal is to get you from Point A to Point B. A therapist treats patients; a coach serves clients. A therapist diagnoses and creates a treatment plan, often for clinical issues. Coaches help you create an action plan. Therapy is a long-term commitment and success usually requires regular visits. Coaching can be a regular occurrence or it can be used as needed when a big decision or dilemma arises.

NOTE: It is perfectly fine to do coaching and therapy at the same time if you need both (I do!)

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