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Image by Michael Scherback

The "Align" Package

The "Align" Package consists of three sessions. It's for those that are directionless and full of fear about changing how they show up in their professional life.

It's for you if you're paralyzed by the fear of being an impostor, or trying something new, or taking a risk on something you believe in.

Here's how it works.

In our first meeting, we'll establish our relationship and determine how I can best serve you. Then, we'll dive into a process to find what are known as your "core values." These values create your internal compass: when they're violated or not honored properly, you feel that sense of longing, boredom, and resentment.

When reinventing your career, these values are important and powerful. They provide a framework for decision making that can turn what was once a "tough choice" into an obvious next step. Many clients are blown away by what they discover in this session. Some aren't surprised at what they find out, but they feel validated and more confident as a result.

Our second meeting focuses on fear. You know those nagging, brutal, 

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