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In the Words of My Clients

"Coaching with Zia helped me zoom out and identify my core values while I was navigating a career pivot."

Emily N.

My session with Zia was the first coaching I've ever done. Our conversation shifted the way I was was thinking about my organization's advisory board and how to effectively engage them. As a result, I took a different approach. After a year of trying to engage one member, the new approach helped build the relationship and unlocked new funding for the organization.

Erin C.

It was more than I ever expected. The perspective you offered, and the way you helped bring clarity of thought to things I've been not-so-productively ruminating on, were both invaluable. It felt really good to have a clear (and totally manageable!) next step, too.

Leigh L.

Zia helped me take the time to explore and articulate my core values, which I had never done before; it felt so accurate, and was such a simple and effective way to better understand myself and my motivations.

Sarah G.

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